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REIM Training Solutions

​REIM Training Solutions are a leading training provider to schools and business.  We provide high quality on- or off-site training for your school or business.  All our training can be tailored to your individual school or business needs.

Microsoft Application Software Training
Our Microsoft Application training includes Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher.  We can provide every client with tailored solutions with courses ranging from beginners to advanced, certified and non-certified.  Depending on your needs we can provide in-house bespoke training courses or why not come to one of our public courses in our training centre in Armagh.

Internet Safety Training

We work with schools, parent associations, sports organisations and community groups across Ireland, helping them be proactive in keeping their children safe online. The workshops are tailor made to suit the age group that we are working with and combine a range of teaching methods to ensure that the best learning outcomes are achieved.  

iPad/Coding Training 

We can start right at the basics with a session on the iPads functionality or we can jump straight into specific App training.  We have a suite of Apps that we recommend  to get you started.  We have recently added a range of coding Programmes and Apps that will help teachers integrate basic coding skills into the classroom.

Robot Programming
We take our Sphero robots to your classroom to introduce the concept of coding to children of any age.  The workshops allow your students to explore the possibilities of coding using simple blocks of code which is a great introduction to other coding languages.  The robots can be used to reinforce learning on shapes, angles, speed and distance or just to be creative and have some fun.  We will tailor the workshops according to your requirements.

Transition Program (Primary to Secondary)
Launched in May 2016 our transition program "Boundaries" has received high acclaim from attendees.  It is aimed children in their final year of primary education and their parents and the programme provides a space where common boundaries can be discussed and set.  This course will provide both parties with skills and knowledge to communicate effectively with each other, focusing on both offline and online activity, at a time when children are exploring their independence.